Yes. We are open 9-12 and 4-6 daily and are happy for people to come and see us. Please phone to arrange a visiting time.

You must bring the dogs’ vaccination certificate with you to show that all vaccinations including the kennel cough vaccination are up to date. These will be returned when your dog finishes his visit. You can bring your own food if you do not want to use the foods in stock. Your own bedding can help to settle your dog but don’t bring anything fancy as they will get sawdust on them. Bedding can be provided by us if you prefer. Please bring anything else you would like your dog to have such as toys.

Kennel licence legislation insists that dogs are not allowed contact with other dogs. This is to prevent the spread of disease and injury to other dogs.
All the kennel runs have individually controlled heating in them.
We do not usually take a deposit unless you have cancelled a lot of prior bookings with us or have not shown up for visits.
Dogs are individually lead walked and fed twice daily and will get play time too. Their runs will be cleaned twice daily.
Opening hours are 9-12 and 4-6 and dogs can be dropped off and picked up within these times. Doggy day care times can be discussed when days are booked.
We are happy for customers to bring their own dog foods and we will prepare them for your dog.
We are happy to give dogs their medication.

Dogs are monitored for health on their walks. Dogs are monitored to ensure they are eating and diets will be adapted when a dog refuses to eat. All dogs are covered by insurance in our care and will be taken to the vet if needed.

We are happy to house dogs from one family together in a run and to walk them together or they can be separated if you prefer.