Dog Boarding ​

Dogs can stay for one night or for as long as you need.

Please make sure all your dogs’ vaccinations and the kennel cough vaccine are up to date as we cannot accept any dog without vaccinations and their vaccination certificate. It is a legal requirement. 

Dogs will have a kennel run which provides a sleeping area and run where they can stretch out. All runs have individually controlled heating.  This allows dogs(elderly) to still have heating on in the summer months, should they require it.

All dogs are individually lead walked (in accordance with council guidelines) twice a day in the surrounding countryside or in our secured walking paddock.  Kennel licence legislation insists that dogs must be lead walked individually. This reduces the risk of spreading disease and prevents injury from other dogs. It also allows us to health check the dogs daily.  Dogs also get cuddle and play time with staff in our well-appointed grounds and in their runs.

All kennels are cleaned twice daily with a thorough morning clean and lighter evening clean. All kennels are deep cleaned between occupants.

Dogs are fed twice daily, in the morning and in the evening.  We provide a huge range of foods but are happy for customers to bring their own foods.

We are happy to administer any medications required and all dogs are covered by insurance while in our care.

We can provide bedding for the dogs in our care but we would recommend bringing your own as this helps the dogs to settle in better.